Khalilzad urges civil-military leadership to change ‘disastrous’ course

Despite the Foreign Office rejoinder, former US diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad persisted to live on the modern-day political state of affairs in Pakistan as on Thursday he got here up with some other statement urging the us of a’s civil and military leadership to alternate the “disastrous” course.

In a message on Twitter greeting Muslims round the sector at the begin of Ramazan, Khalilzad used the occasion to ask Islamic nations to reflect upon in the holy month.”In Pakistan, civil and military leaders may contemplate the country of their u . S . A . And the disastrous course it’s miles on. In respect for their responsibilities and inside the interest of their people, they should exchange route,” he wrote.This became his third announcement in per week on the brewing political tensions in Pakistan. Many have been taken by surprise the manner wherein former US diplomat became taking keen hobby in Pakistan politics and making precise proposals.

On March 14, Khalilzad in a chain of tweets stated Pakistan became facing triple crises that warranted a soul searching.As Lahore descended into chaos after the police attempted to arrest PTI Chairman Imran Khan final week, the former US ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq wrote: “Pakistan faces a triple crisis: political, monetary, and safety. Despite first rate capacity, it’s miles underperforming and falling a long way in the back of its archrival, India. It is time for severe soul-looking, formidable wondering, and strategizing.”“The sequential cannibalising of its leaders thru jailing, execution, assassination, and so forth is the incorrect route,” Khalilzad said and went on to caution that Khan’s arrest might best “deepen the disaster”.He advised steps to address the brewing political and economic crises.

The first step, he said, could be holding parliamentary elections in June.

Secondly, he called for the use of the time for fundamental political events to “confront what has gone wrong and recommend a selected plan to rescue and put the u . S . A . On a direction to balance, security, and prosperity”.

“Whichever birthday celebration wins the election could have a mandate from the human beings on what should be carried out,” he stated.

But his announcement drew strong reaction from the Foreign Office.“Pakistan does now not want lectures or unsolicited recommendation from everybody on a way to cope with the challenges we are facing nowadays. As a resilient state we can pop out more potent from the prevailing hard situation,” the Foreign Office spokesperson stated in a declaration.

But despite Pakistan’s objection, Khalilzad issued some other statement this week warning government no longer to prohibit Imran from taking element in politics.

“There are symptoms that Pakistan’s parliament, that’s controlled with the aid of the governing coalition, might nicely ask the Supreme Court to disqualify Imran Khan from strolling for election and even prohibit PTI inside the following couple of days,” Khalilzad claimed.

“The government appears to have determined to installation Imran Khan as Enemy No 1 of the State. Such steps will only deepen Pakistan’s triple crises: political, economic, and protection. Already, a few international locations have suspended planned investments,” he said.

“The IMF help remains dubious. If the steps stated take area, worldwide support for Pakistan will decline in addition. Political polarization and violence will possibly growth,” he delivered.

“I hope the Pakistani political leaders upward thrust above adverse petty politics that undermine the country wide hobby. If no longer, I hope the Supreme Court says no to being used in games that undermine the state’s interests. I am turning into increasingly more involved about Pakistan.”

The series of statements given by means of the former diplomat is visible due to lobbying via PTI in Washington. The birthday party reportedly hired a lobbying firm in February to restore its ties with the United States.

Sources said Khalilzad developed close ties with the government of then best Imran when he was president Trump’s pointman on Afghanistan.

One supply privy to close contacts between the PTI authorities and former diplomat instructed The Express Tribune that Khalilzad played a key position in bringing Imran and Trump near on Afghanistan.

The different individual changed into Senator Lindsey Graham.

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