No one has the right to defame my character: Mehwish Hayat files petition against ‘smear campaign’

After Kubra Khan, Mehwish Hayat approached Sindh High Court to take legal action towards anyone who has been circulating defamatory content in opposition to her on social media. After the actor’s petition, SHC has given Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) weeks to have the content material removed.

Hayat later took to social media and shared why she chose to go to SHC and decided to take legal movement on the matter. For the unversed, an ex-Army principal had claimed in a YouTube video that numerous ‘actresses and fashions regularly stayed at ISI secure homes and had been ‘used’ by means of former senior officers, according to the officials’ closed aids.’ Adil Raja in addition alleged that several politicians were also invited and several movies were purportedly recorded as well.

Since then a smear marketing campaign against several actors ensued. Hayat on Twitter, shared, “Today, I went to court to send a robust message that I will no longer stand for those vile smear campaigns anymore.” She went on to add, “This has been happening for a while – however the occasions of the previous couple of days have hit a new low. Criticise my paintings all you want however no person has the right to defame my character. I am now not the one to sit and allow anybody use me as a pawn in their dirty political video games.”
The award-winning famous person further shared, “I am no longer going to relaxation until that is resolved. I am satisfied that the petition has been filed and the human beings at the back of this consisting of all of the trollers who are spreading malicious lies can be held accountable by means of the authorities.”

Hayat delivered that it’s a shame that she’s “needed to visit court to guard my dignity and recognition.” She penned, “Is this what we have come to be?” Concluding her announcement, Hayat expressed gratitude. “I would really like to thank all those from the enterprise, circle of relatives, buddies and specially fans who have sent me messages of support. They have supplied me with energy in what has been a attempting time.”

Speaking to the press outside the courtroom, the Dillagi celebrity said, “I did not assume my new 12 months could begin with a visit to the court docket where I would need to defend myself from the continuing man or woman assassination.” She persisted, “But here I am on the grounds that my endurance has given up. Anyone who runs those campaigns puts any form of insinuations, must feel embarrassment about themselves. And everybody who will pay heed to these styles of gossip, specifically in present day day and age when it’s rather easy to manufacture matters, need to be ashamed of themselves as properly.”

Hayat then commented that she is status tall with the girls of her u . S .. “I am right here for the girls of my fraternity, of my u . S . A .. I want to say loud and clear that no person has the right to malign every person’s individual and I am right here to exercising my prison right and get the report straight. I hope justice is unexpectedly served.”

Previously, Hayat took to Twitter and shared her two cents. “People neglect humanity for their shallow reputation. Hope you’re playing your two minutes of fame,” the Punjab Nahi Jaungi big name wrote. “Just because I am an actress, doesn’t imply my call can be dragged thru the dust.”She went on to add, “Shame on you for spreading baseless allegations and insinuations approximately someone you recognize not anything about or even bigger shame on folks that believe this bullshit. This just indicates the illness of our society that laps up this gutter journalism with none notion. But this stops and it stops now! I gained’t permit every body to defame my name.”

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