Parking on procession routes banned

Rawalpindi traffic police have finished an intricate traffic plan during Muharram parades to be taken out in the city from seventh to tenth Muharram.

Rawalpindi City Traffic Polic (CTP) expressed that under a thorough traffic plan, there would be a finished prohibition on the leaving of vehicles, cruisers and carts on parade courses.

A representative for the CTP said that 1,191 traffic authorities including nine DSPs, 72 monitors, 820 traffic superintendents and 290 traffic collaborators would perform obligation on city streets to control traffic during Muharram. He said that unique courses of action would likewise be settled from the seventh to the tenth Muharram parades.

He said that traffic cops and superintendents had been coordinated to make a move against violators. He said that the traffic police had been coordinated to eliminate a wide range of infringements from parade courses other than keeping a vigil on thought people and things.

The passage of vehicles on the parade courses would be obstructed by raising blockades and different obstacles, he added adding that traffic police would be conveyed alongside area police staff to guarantee the security of the grievers. Severe disciplinary move would be made against the delinquent authorities, he added.

He said that traffic would be redirected to elective courses during grieving parades. A control room had been set up at the traffic base camp and drivers who might look for help have been approached to utilize the CTP’s helpline at 051-9272616.

On Sunday, Islamabad and Rawalpindi police alongside a group of Rangers and salvage authorities led a banner walk through the twin urban communities.

The different walks were held to show the public how arranged the police and other policing were to keep up with the rule of peace and law during Muharram.

Islamabad police directed the banner walk in various region of the city to keep up with harmony and peacefulness during Muharram. The walk began from the Pakistan Sports Complex and finished at a similar spot in the wake of going through Dhokri Chowk, Rawal Dam Chowk, Shehzad Town, Tramri Chow, Lehtrar Road, Khanna Bridge, Koral Chowk, PWD Housing Society, Kaak Bridge to Kahuta street, Imam Bargah Haideri in Sihala, Imam Bargah Niazian Expressway, Sain Boota Shrine Faizabad, Sector I-8Markaz, Imambargah Jafferia SectorI-10 Markaz, Imam Bargah Moosa Kazim, Imambargah Baltastania, Police Lines Headquarters, Kashmi rHighway, Jhangi Syedan, Imam Bargah Qadeemi to Imam Bargah Baitul Hussain and Aabpara Chowk.

Rawalpindi city police, Rangers and salvage authorities additionally did their own banner walk in the city on Sunday to keep up with harmony during Muharram.

SSP activities, SP central command divisional SPs, SDPOs, SHOs alongside area police, Elite Force, traffic police and Dolphin crew took part in the banner walk.

The reason for the banner walk was to show the readiness to keep up with the rule of peace and law during the long stretch of Muharram. Under the security plan, around 10,000 staff of police and other policing will be sent for idiot proof security in Rawalpindi.

As per the specialists, portable help will stay suspended from seventh Muharram to tenth Muharram in most delicate regions. The leaves of police faculty had likewise been cancelled.The Australian Space Agency has affirmed the space garbage found in the Snowy Mountains in southern New South Wales has a place with a specialty worked by Elon Musk’s SpaceX organization.

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