President, PM revere Ashura’s ‘message of faith, justice

President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday said that the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) gave the valuable lesson of unwavering faith, piety, and conflict for justice, reminding the Muslims in their moral responsibility to stand up towards oppression and tyranny.In their separate messages on the eve of Yaum-e-Ashur (Muharram 10), the president and the high minister advised the human beings to set apart their differences and sell compassion, tolerance and end up one country and paintings for the development of Pakistan.

Alvi, in his message, known as for renewing the commitment to promoting the essential ideas of Islam and adopting the teachings of Imam Hussain (AS) and looking to imitate his courage and steadfastness in their lives.

“This courageous act teaches us that we have to now not bow to oppression and wrongdoing, and raise our voice against injustice, irrespective of what the cost,” he said, adding that the behavior of Imam Hussain’s (AS) partners also taught the importance of helping individuals who conflict for justice.On Yaum-e-Ashur, we have to keep in thoughts the importance of discussion and know-how among different colleges of idea. Let us stand united to uphold the values representing the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) and to transport ahead with braveness, perseverance, and boldness,” he delivered.

Prime Minister Shehbaz stated that the 10th of Muharram had a profound ancient and non secular significance for the Muslims all over the world.

“It teaches that we need to preserve the ideas of justice, compassion, and steadfastness in all spheres of existence,” he stated.

The message of sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) became for all Muslims, past all borders and for all coming generations and continents, he confused.

“We ought to research from the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) to conquer the challenges and difficulties faced through the country and the complete Ummah.”

The high minister emphasised that the obstacles inside the direction of fact and achievement may want to handiest be eliminated thru steadfastness, sacrifice, and determination. “Let us try to observe the tremendous example set by way of Imam Hussain (AS) and his followers, in our day by day lives,” he said.

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