Sonya Hussyn transforms into an addict for upcoming drama Gangs of Kharasaan

Sonya Hussyn is inquisitive about unconventional lead roles and is not hesitant approximately pushing obstacles. After gambling a boxer-turns-goal killer in Abu Aleeha’s film Daadal, the actor has converted herself into the avatar of an addict. Bleached bronze pixie hair, burn marks at the face, pink dry lips, and a cigarette via the ear, Hussyn is prepared to tell the tale of Murshid in her upcoming drama, Gangs of Kharasaan.

On Wednesday, Hussyn took to her Instagram to proportion the primary look of her character. “Addicts are people too!” she wrote while dressed in a washed black velvet co-ord set. “Meet Murshid – Unveiling the primary appearance of my new undertaking, Gangs of Kharasaan!” Actor Gohar Rasheed is also a part of the task however apart from that, information about the drama haven’t been discovered but.This isn’t the first time Hussyn has played an addict on TV however truely the first in which she has absolutely converted herself to appearance the element. Before this, the actor starred within the 2020 drama Saraab which highlighted the demanding situations of schizophrenia. Playing Hoorain inside the Mohsin Talat directorial nevertheless stays the most special character for Hussyn up to now.

“After gambling Hoorain in Saraab, Murshid is another individual that holds a special vicinity in my heart,” she concluded her put up, asking lovers to live tuned for extra updates on Murshid’s journey. The transformation photos – that sincerely appearance unreal – amassed lots of reward for the actor.

Yasir Hussain and Ushna Shah took to their Insta Stories to desire Hussyn success. “She is hands down one of the most suitable actors inside the subcontinent, and surely one of the maximum talented. She is never scared of playing the maximum raw and tough policies. I’m so proud of her and so stimulated by means of her,” wrote Shah, whilst Hussain couldn’t agree with the transformation. “Wow” he wrote.Earlier, in an interview with Independent Urdu, Hussyn spoke about she has no fear of being typecast due to the fact she desires significant roles, and no longer just the glamorous ones. “When I started my career in 2014, I was offered a drama referred to as Nazo. It was about a special infant. A lot of humans, inclusive of channels, informed me now not to begin my profession with it because it’ll spoil it. But I nonetheless did it, due to the fact I desired to offer that message,” she said, implying that once she will be able to take that danger at the beginning of her career and nonetheless get commercial tasks, then she’s not terrified of some thing.

“I did now not come to this industry to completely become a heroine. I commenced working to send a message throughout and produce a exchange in society. Media is a massive platform and your voice has the capacity to attain the masses. When you’re a terrific actor and you can adapt and tackle distinct roles, then I don’t think it topics whether or not you do romantic or difficult roles,” Hussyn brought.

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