Yasir Hussain questions people who continue to support ‘a man’ who ‘abuses his wife

Actor-cum-director Yasir Hussain has been quite active on his social media after the recent fiasco concerning Feroze Khan. Earlier this week, he took to Instagram to call out the Tich Button superstar for publicly sharing personal info of actors stated in his currently served defamation healthy.

Now, Hussain has yet again shared any other Instagram Story to focus on the morale of folks who keep to help men who ‘abuse women’ and do now not take up the monetary obligation of their kids.

“In nowadays’s world a person physically abuses his wife and does not fulfil his duty of raising kids but himself lives a luxurious life, wears branded garments and rides horses, yet human beings nevertheless adore him? I salute such supporters,” penned the Aik Thi Laila director.

Hussain then concluded his declaration through bringing up his duties to his circle of relatives. He stated, “I’ll depart right here due to the fact I need to paintings to guide my toddler and family.”Prior to this, the Baandi celebrity shared a sequence of snapshots explaining the ordeal he has to face after Khan previously shared and later deleted his number on his reliable Twitter handle.

“A silly guy first hits his spouse after which publicly shares our numbers online. Now, due to this, a child has been continuously messaging me to cast him in dramas, otherwise, he’s threatening me to give him Rs100,000,” specified Hussain, at the same time as similarly asking his fans for advice, “Please inform me, what need to I do?”Although Joyland’s future became deemed uncertain in Pakistan, it is long been favoured and supported by means of many outstanding faces the world over. In October 2022, Malala Yousafzai joined the group as an govt manufacturer and following her lead, Oscar-winner actor Rizwan Ahmed also on-boarded Sadiq’s directorial in the identical potential.

Taking to Instagram, Ahmed shared he turned into delighted over the partnership. “We are so proud at Left Handed Films to be a part of Joyland. Our motto is “pass left” and Saim Sadiq’s particular movie does simply that,” the Emmy-prevailing artist penned. While the magnus accolade event inches closer, Joyland might be the most effective Pakistani movie that has gotten this far to being shortlisted for the nominations. Considering the backing the crew has now, it is possibly Pakistan’s pleasant win to bag an Oscar too!

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